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        Math Activities

Daily Spritual Activities of Ramakrishna Math, Dhaka

From 1st April to 30th September (Summer) : 4:30 am.
From 1st October to 31st March (Winter) : 5:00 am.
Morning Prayer
6:00 am. to 6:15 am.
Sri Sri Thakur Puja :
8:00 am to 10:00 am
Visiting time of the Temple :
From 1st April to 30th September (Summer) :
7:00 am. to 12:00 noon & 4:00 pm. to 9:00 pm.
From 1st October to 31st March (Winter) :
7:00 am. to 12:00 noon & 3:30 PM to 8:30 pm.

Evening Prayer Timing :

DATEStarting  Time
15th April to 20th April 6:45 pm.
21st April to 4th May
5th May to 14th May 6:55
15th May to 24th May 7:00
25th May to 7th June 7:05
8th June to 25th July
26th July to 3rd August 7:05
4th August to 10 August 7:00
11th August to 17th August6:55
18th August to 23rd August 6:50
24th August to 29th August 6:45
30th August to 3rd September 6:40
4th September to 8th September 6:35
9th September to 13th September 6:30
14th September to 18th September 6:25
19th September to 23rd September 6:20
24th September to 28th September 6:15
29th September to 3rd October 6:10
4th October to 8th October 6:05
9th October to 13th October
14th October to 19th October 5:55
20th October to 25th October 5:50
26th October to 1st November 5:45
2nd November to 12th November 5:40
13th November to 3rd December 5:35
4th December to 21st December 5:40
22nd December to 29th December 5:45
30th December to 5th January 5:50
6th January to 13th January 
14th January to 21st January 6:00
22nd January to 28th January 6:05
29th January to 4th February 6:10
5th February to 11th February 6:15
12th February to 21st February 6:20
22nd February to 27th February 6:25
28th February to 14th March 6:30 
15th March to 27th March 6:35
28th March to 14th April 6:40
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Srimadbhagavad Gita Chanting :
at the Temple for 5 Minutes after the end of Evening Aratrikam everyday in a week except Friday and Saturday. 
Classes on different Subjects (in Bengali):
at the Temple as per schedule below after Evening Aratrikam or Srimadbhagavad Gita Chanting.

Day SubjectsSpeaker Monks
Sriramakrishna Kathamrita Srimat Swami Purnatmanandaji Maharaj
Saturday Srimadbhagavad Gita Swami Devadhyanananda
Sunday Shivananda Vani
Swami Shantikarananda
Monday Sri Sri Mayer Katha Swami Kalpeshananda
Tuesday Turianander PatravaliSwami Krishnasevananda
Wednesday Karmayoga of Swami Vivekananda Swami Ramakantananda
ThursdaySri Ramakrishna Lilaprasanga Swami Stavanananda

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Contact Information 

Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission
27 Ramakrishna Mission Road
Dhaka-1203, Bangladesh.
Phone : +880-2-223383703, +880-2-223384055 (Office)
Fax : +88 02 7170888


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Office Schedule
From 1st April to 30th September (Summer) : 8:00 am. to 9:00 pm.
From 1st October to 31st March (Winter) : 8 am. to 8:30 pm.